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Information system
for glass calculations
and properties preview

kugelWith the GlasExperte you are already able to fit your glass to your needs and to develop it further. It is possible to optimise the glass properties themselves , as well as to re-adjust the production parameter in case the analysis is deviating too much from the desired glass. A real asset for any glass manufacturer and raw material supplier.

GlasExperte gives you all the needed calculation methods for the procedural support including the fields of cullet, glass melt and production process. New insights and improved measurement results are integrated continously. Your individual requirements are welcomed as well.

  • optimisation of glass properties
  • reduction of batch prices
  • batch calculation based on analysis
  • integration of cullet management
  • balancing of variations in cullet and raw material
  • calculation of batch adjustment according to deviated glass analysis
  • consideration of humid raw materials
  • sliding average with respect to analyses of raw and cullet material
  • redox number according to batch
  • history for each glass and raw material
  • viscosity curve
  • charts showing the flow rate of many glass properties and glass components
  • daily need for raw material calculated for 4 weeks in advance subject to melting performance or production planning
  • prices, batch compositions and glass properties always up-to-date
  • inclusive email support and updates


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Analyze your glasses to detect problems in time




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System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows™ 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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